How many childbirth TV programmes?!

How many child-birth programmes are on TV at the moment? Thousands, literally.

Or is that I’m suffering from new car syndrome – you buy a different make/model and all of a sudden you start to see the same car cropping up everywhere.

A dad is born - Wonderland documentary

Where did they all spring from?

I never knew so many people owned a Fiat Cinqicento (bright yellow)?!

I’m having a similar experience, albeit with childbirth-TV-related-programmes.

Every channel I turn to, there is someone in labour. Or giving birth. Or being a new dad (and failing!).

It’s crazy.

Or is it?

After all we are in a child birth boom in the UK at the moment. The UK is experiencing the largest birth numbers since 1972, and it is still climbing.

As we already know when there is boom, there is a never-ending stream of docu-soap-reality-fly-on-the-wall TV programmes that follow (see housing market).

Call the Midwife

But the thing is there are some great programmes to watch. So it is not all that bad after all.

There’s the tear-jerkering One Born Every Minute (Channel 4) – a fly-on-the-wall series  based in Leeds labour ward. Or the recently aired A New Dad is Born (a Wonderland documentary) that followed three dads before and after the birth of their first children. Don’t get me started on the trader guy who had more money than sense (or moral-based decisions). And lest I forget Call The Midwife (BBC1). Ahh, it is magnificent. A glimpse back to how midwifery used to be in post-war London.

All fantastic viewing, if not at times car-crash-esque in their approaches.

Having said that, in terms of car-crash-TV, nothing compares to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Now that is quality!

But I fear that my information overload is serving only one purpose…

…it is getting me more stressed than I need to be!

Woah, I didn’t just see them actually make the incision on a C-section did I? Yep, uh huh, you did.

Woah!! I didnt just see the midwife pulling a baby out with all her might, her arms shaking as she yanks a baby out with forseps, did I? Yep, you did.

Woah!!! (last one, I promise) I didnt just see a guy crying at the birth of his daughter, but the tears were due to dissappointment at the fact it was not a boy!?!??! Yep, you did. (series 3, episode 8, towards the end of the programme)

It’s official. I am addicted.

The captivating, "One Born Every Minute"

Baby’s gender spoiler? You bet!

Opinions are very divided on finding out the gender of your unborn child.

This I get. Loud and clear.

Very divided.

About as divided as Sunderland and Newcastle fans are about football.

The popular question of late is what side am I buttering our pregnancy toast on when it comes to finding out our baby’s gender?

Most definitely on the side that “we want to find out the baby’s gender”.


Because we are pragmatists. If we can know, then we want to know.

And that is our decision.

Some people say, “ahhh, don’t you want to be surprised? Hm?”

Well no. I (we) do not.

And what’s more, I really don’t care for surprises when it comes to all things baby, because by the sounds of it we are going to be getting plenty of surprises when it/he/she arrives.

Yes, it is fun to guess the gender. But from where we are sat, we’d much rather know than not.

And for us it is not about buying gender themed wall paper for the nursery. No. We’ve already bought neutral colour paper (Quentin Blake menagerie print if you are interested).

The way we see it is that if the tech is available and good enough to let you know then why not take advantage?

Why not know? At least that is the way we see it. I know many will disagree.

But hey, that’s cool too!

At our 20 week scan we should find out.

I will update on Monday 27th February 2012 with our gender news!


Update: 27/02/2012: it is a GIRL! 

We are so very very excited and have received some wonderful messages from our friends.


Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman


I am so glad I happened upon this blog post. All fathers-to-be MUST read.

Originally posted on Views from the Couch:

I know I have touched on this before but it bears repeating.  Sometimes I have to wonder if some people are just complete and total idiots or if they are just complete and total assholes.  The things people say, in general, often baffles me but the things people say to a pregnant woman are mind-boggling.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t limited to the general public or even friends and family; the things my husband says often make me want to kick him square in the coin purses.  Grab a pen a pad, class.  You need to take notes.

  1. Are you having twins? – Gee, thanks!  I was under the mistaken impression that my weight gain wasn’t abnormal.  Now, thanks to you, I realize that my ass has grown at an alarming rate and that the only logical explanation that you can fathom is multiples.
  2. Are you SURE you’re not…

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Erm, how expensive are prams?!

That’s a rhetorical question. One that doesn’t need answering because I know.

Prams are sooOOOOOO expensive!

Some of them are £1000+!?!

All for what?

“Your unique travel system” that changes from a pram-to a car seat-to a pram-to a dishwasher-to a pram-to a treadmill-to a pram-etc-etc-etc

I know that I might be speaking out of term as someone who is most definitely a Virgin Pram Owner.

And they seem to be extremely over-engineered?!

I mean, no wonder some of them have the mark of McClaren! An F1 designer after all. Some of them have spoked wheels, even alloys that any ardent cyclist would be proud of.

Apparently “Pram Envy” is rife amongst men who’ve had to substitute their Porsche 911 for a baby mover.  Whilst I can’t imagine why anyone would want special features like an electric cover, a DVD player, satellite navigation, power steering and even a speedometer (I kid you not) – I do think that a rather nifty contraption would be a holster to put your iPad in!

Now THAT would be cool!

Our Careline


I hope my child writes similar letters to big corporate retailers in a few years time! Excellent! Well done Lilly!

Originally posted on threescore:

So Lily got two letters today. The first was rather a waste of nice paper.

The second, care of ‘Our Careline’, whoever she is (masquerading as Chris I think) reads thus:

Thank you Chris. Maybe Lily should write a few more letters.

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