Baby’s gender spoiler? You bet!

Opinions are very divided on finding out the gender of your unborn child.

This I get. Loud and clear.

Very divided.

About as divided as Sunderland and Newcastle fans are about football.

The popular question of late is what side am I buttering our pregnancy toast on when it comes to finding out our baby’s gender?

Most definitely on the side that “we want to find out the baby’s gender”.


Because we are pragmatists. If we can know, then we want to know.

And that is our decision.

Some people say, “ahhh, don’t you want to be surprised? Hm?”

Well no. I (we) do not.

And what’s more, I really don’t care for surprises when it comes to all things baby, because by the sounds of it we are going to be getting plenty of surprises when it/he/she arrives.

Yes, it is fun to guess the gender. But from where we are sat, we’d much rather know than not.

And for us it is not about buying gender themed wall paper for the nursery. No. We’ve already bought neutral colour paper (Quentin Blake menagerie print if you are interested).

The way we see it is that if the tech is available and good enough to let you know then why not take advantage?

Why not know? At least that is the way we see it. I know many will disagree.

But hey, that’s cool too!

At our 20 week scan we should find out.

I will update on Monday 27th February 2012 with our gender news!


Update: 27/02/2012: it is a GIRL! 

We are so very very excited and have received some wonderful messages from our friends.


The 12 week scan. OMG

12 weeks into a pregnancy, you kind of start connecting with the baby inside mum.

Some people even give it a pet name – we did. We give everything pet names…even our pets (I kid you not – our cat’s name is Busby but we call him Pickle?!?).

Some of our friends called theirs Flic – because when they first saw it on an early scan (at about 8 weeks), the heartbeat looked like a flicker of light.

Some other friends call theirs Sprout.




Mostly because it caused mum so much pain and discomfort in the first few weeks so had to give it a name synoymous with what it was doing (not likely) to cause the pain: wiggling.

Naming ceremony over, onwards to the 12 week scan.

This is a massive milestone for any parents to be. It’s the date after which people usually start telling others about their pregnancy.

Ok, here it is in a picture.

Baby Goju Blogger, executing a perfect open-handed Jodan Agiuke

Yep. I’m going to be a dad.

*Dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaaan*

I am thrilled. Of course. But also a tiny bit nervous. I mean being a Dad is going to be tougher than any grading. Tougher than any competition.


Last Friday I watched our little “Wiggler” move about. It is a very humbling experience. It’s just incredible.

And I swear that he or she did some AWESOME karate moves on screen. See if you can spot any in the short video below.